Guam National Coaching Commission

About the Commission

The purpose of the Guam National Coaching Commission is to create a networking opportunity in an organized forum for National Federation coaches.The Guam National Coaching Commission is comprised of the following members:

Commission Charter


The role of the Guam National Coaches Commission is to oversee the development of coaches and officials on the island and to effectively serve the needs of all players through their development pathways; to assist in the delivery of Guam National Olympic Committee’s long-term goals and the strategic objectives of the current strategy.

  • The group provides advice, support and direction in all matters related to coaching, specifically in the following areas (but not limited to);
  • To annually nominate appropriately skilled members for the Commission
  • To provide opportunities for coaches to access high quality education activities at all levels of the coaching pathway.
  • To oversee the development of GNOC and other qualifications across all disciplines
  • To train, appoint, assess and develop National Team Coach Trainers
  • To work with the coaching qualifications awarding body to continually review the practice of course delivery and assessment of all coach education courses and accredited workshops.
  • To monitor and evaluate coach education and development schemes for targeted coaches.
  • To approve all coach education and development reference materials.
  • To develop and maintain sound working relationships with key internal and external partners.
  • To interpret information and guidance from external organizations to help drive strategic objectives.
  • To ensure that developments in coaching are communicated to coach members.
  • To recognize and review the qualifications of coaches from other federations and assign an equivalent qualification level to enable registration.
  • To recognize achievement in coaching; providing awards across a range of categories.
  • To act as ambassadors/representatives of GNOC.
  • To maintain a Code of Conduct for Coaches and address breaches of the code by registered coaches.
  • To act as a facilitator in the delivery of GNOC’s Strategic Plan by working in partnership with internal and external partners in ensuring outcomes from the GNOC Delivery Plan are successfully achieved and monitored.


Coaches Commission comprises of the following members:

(a) Chairperson

(b) Co-Chairperson

(c) Secretary

(d) 4 board members


All are expert members who are recruited for their skills and expertise. The Chairperson is an elected officer.  Elections take place at the AGM every four years.


Four meetings per annum.

Commission members are volunteers expected to attend meetings, be responsible for delivery of projects and contribute their skills to defined programs.


Conflicts of interest will be dealt with on a situation by situation basis.


Expert members provide expertise and strategic direction to GNOC, specifically support for professional staff in relation to coaching system and coach development.

Each individual will seek further advice and expertise outside of the commission as necessary and liaise with other commissions and professionals in the office as appropriate.

Commission Members

Michael Rabago

Commission Chairperson
Guam Volleyball Federation

Brent Tipton

Commission Vice-Chairperson
Guam Basketball Confederation

Michelle Pang

Commission Secretary
Guam National Tennis Federation

Monessa Horton

Commission Board Member - Programs and Education Committee Chairperson
Guam Cycling Federation

Donald San Agustin

Commission Board Member - Coaching Committee Chairperson
Guam Swimming Federation

Strell DeVera

Commission Board Member - Officiating Committee Chairperson
Guam Kayak and Canoe Federation

Edgar Molinos

Commission Board Member - Public Relations Committee Chairperson
Guam Weightlifting Federation

Joey Miranda III

GNOC Representative
Guam Bowling Congress

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