Aug 26, 2022

Coaches close out program with Principles, Periodization and LTAD

Friday, August 26, 2022 – Maite, Guam

A summary of Day 3 and overview of the final day course was conducted by ME Tara Tydingco.  NLME Joey Miranda III provided an insight to coaches on Anti-Doping process.

Paul Claros presented on coaching using principles, module5.  Participants were grouped to enact a coaching scenario on principles and key factors.  Each group provided feedback through a Q&A session.  Scenarios included basketball3-point shooting, swimming, serving angles in badminton, running form, and bowling finish.

Coach in Action continued after dinner with the last group presentations on badminton, basketball, swimming, and golf.  Coaches demonstrated a skill followed by feedback by their peers and facilitator.

Modules 2 and 6 concluded the last day of the course with an exercise using a periodization chart. Dr. Ryan Claros provided the basis on needs analysis for sport and athlete.  He covered comparative analysis preparation period, competition period, transition period to active rest and the types of periodization (linear, non-linear, and block).

Lenora Makela provided the review of the last day discussions and activities, and thanked GNOC, ONOC, OSEP and Olympic Solidarity for providing the resources to host the program.  Miranda closed out the program with references on the evaluation of the course and the assessment process.  He surveyed coaches on their interest in the Development Strength and Conditioning Coach course and nutrition before thanking all participants for their time and participation in the program.