Mar 18, 2021

GKCF completes MISO requirements

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The board members of Guam Kayak and Canoe Federation completed the Oceania Sport Education Program’s Management in Sporting Organizations after three rigorous days of training.  Day three opened with a review of the previous day’s topics on marketing, public relations, and federation governance.

Thereafter, Torre reviewed processes for module 4 on finance and budget. Open discussions were focused on incorporating a budget for the upcoming Pacific Mini Games and Micronesian Games in 2022. Torre emphasized on the importance of ensuring that all documents and transition pertaining to the finances of GKCF have been properly endorsed by the previous administration and necessary paperwork is completed with the corresponding banking institution.

The evening continued with breakout sessions on strategic planning.  Miranda worked alongside GKCF President Naomi Taitingfong and the board in brainstorming possible committees that would benefit the structure of the organization as each member placed their input through the chatline.  The whiteboard was administered by GKCF Vice President Kevin Balajadia as the group consolidated the tasks and pinned the departmental structure.  With most board members present, department chair and vice chairs were discussed as each board member stepped up to the plate.  With the structure in place, each department were assigned to a breakout room to work on their goals, tasks and timeline.  Each department provided a narrative of their session and submitted their tasks.  The session ended with the draft organization structural plan and time line in place for the group to finalize towards the success of the GKCF.

Torre provided the synopsis of the course as the group filled out the course evaluation form.  After the review, Miranda thanked all participants and provided a positive outlook for the future of GKCF.