Jul 28, 2020

GNOC OSEP Management in International Sport Organization first session wraps up

Monday, July 27, 2020 via Zoom app

Photo of GNOC OSEP MISO course participants in Zoom app

The GNOC OSEP MISO course opened with a summary of week four’s activities by Joey Miranda III. Topics from week four included the debates on events and facilities management. He closed the summary requesting for all participants to submit their assigned work.

Miranda covered the Readiness Assessment Tool outlining the eight pillars of the on-line program. Thereafter, breakout sessions by Miranda and Melanie Torre covered questions pertaining to each pillar. After the breakout session a group discussion ensued on the topics with a focus on marketing, uniforms, governance, and human resources.

OSEP Executive Director Sainimili Saukuru and Zone 1 Regional Master Educator Jubilee Kuartei joined the session along with ONOC Secretary-General Ricardo Blas who provided background information on past occurrences with regards to the topics.

The e-OSEP course by Miranda with the assistance of Saukuru and Kuartei. The group advised the participants that the Guam NOC course will be held during the first quarter of 2021.

Torre summarized the day’s activities through an open group discussion where participants provided feedback on the course. After completing the summary, Miranda requested for everyone to fill out the participants evaluation form and email it back to GNOC upon completion.

Miranda reminded the participants that he will continue working with them until they are able to complete the assigned tasks and closed out the final session, thanking all who participated in the first ever MISO OSEP on-line course.