Mar 31, 2021

Guam athletes learn nutritional values

Saturday, March 28, 2021 - Maite, Guam

The Guam National Athletes Commission teamed up with GNOC Medical and Anti-Doping Commission nutritionists Lenora Makela and Rosae Calvo to organize a demonstration for our local athletes and the community. Four athletes from different federations under the Guam National Olympic Committee were asked to participate in the program with Blaise Ada (Guam Basketball Confederation), Genina Criss (Guam Track and Field Association), Mark Imazu (Guam Swimming Federation), and Jacinta Sumagsaysay (Guam Weightlifting Federation) participating in the program.

Makela assisted Ada and Imazu in making a smoothie which athletes would be able to create at their homes. The demonstration detailed the importance of the ingredients and how to make the smoothie.

Criss and Sumagsaysay worked with Calvo in creating both an egg and tofu dish. The dish provided athletes with step-by-step details in making the final product.

The video will be published on the Guam National Olympic Committee webpage and circulated to all member national federations.

The goal of this project was to provide all of our Athletes from Guam with nutritional alternatives for a healthier lifestyle that will enable them to maximize their performance. The demonstrations were prepared at the EduKitchen in Payless Supermarket, Maite. Funding for the project was made possible by a grant from Olympic Solidarity through the Guam National Olympic Committee.