Apr 13, 2024

National Federations begin preparation for Quad 2025-2028 with MISO workshops

Monday, April 8, 2024 – Maite, Guam

The mandates of the Guam National Olympic Committee include all National Federation Executives and Board Members preparing for the upcoming quadrennial.  There will be four cycles of workshops that will be hosted by the Oceania Sport Education Program’s Guam based Regional Master Educators.  The first session began on April 8 through 27, 2024 with participants from Guahan Napu Inc., Guam Dragon Boat Federation, Guam E-Sports Federation, Guam Gymnastics Federation, Guam Kayak and Canoe Federation, and Guam Swimming Federation.

Session one opened with the introduction of participants and the outline of the workshop.  Module 1provided an outlet of discussion on the IOC Agenda 2020+5, the layout of the regional and local structures as well as the current state of each National Federation and where each participant wanted to see improvements made.  

Module 2 fine-tuned each NFs ability to host monthly and annual meetings including proper turnover of documents through group work and discussions.

Module 6 delved on the governance structure of the NOC and National Federations. A focus centered on the updating of each National Federation’s articles of their Constitution and By-Laws, as well as the process and procedures of hosting their Annual General Meeting, and elections.

The workshop is led by OSEP RMEs Joey Miranda III, Melanie Torre and Tara Tydingco.