Aug 25, 2022

OSEP Development Coach day 3 emphasized on Selection Criteria, Nutrition Periodization and LTAD

Thursday, August 25, 2022 – Maite, Guam

OSEP Development Coach course continued with the third day of activities at the Guam National Olympic Committee 3rd floor conference room.

OSEP Master Educator Tara Tydingco facilitated Module 4 on functional roles, key factors, selections and law.  The module opened with an activity discussion amongst partners sharing a situation that pertained to criteria for selection.  Group discussions ensued on functional roles and analysis, followed by role play on handling different situations in team selection.

Participants continued Coach in Action segments 3 and 4 with their respective groups and facilitators of which coaches provided feedback on their peers’ presentation.

Lenora Makela presented on Nutrition periodization planning for athletes covering continued learning from planning and delivery on module 2.  Groups were assigned by sports functionality and worked on the macro and micronutrient range goals which led to meal planning.  Discussions on proper dietary needs became a hot topic that reeled many inquiries from the curiosity that prevailed in the room.

Dr. Ryan Claros led module 6 discussions on Long Term Athlete development with group discussions pertaining to strategies coaches and their sport can develop to encourage athletes in different situations.  Each group presented their results through around table format.

Dr. Paul Claros wrapped up the evening by summarizing the learnings from the evening, then providing an overview of the final day of the course.