Sep 29, 2022

S&C Coaches work through gym sessions

Thursday, September 29, 2022 – Maite, Guam

Day two of the Oceania Sports Education Program began its activities at the Custom Fitness Gym where S&C Coaches were tasked with observing and providing feedback on the functional movement screening.  Each coach teamed up to collaborate on their assessment, compensation, and corrective exercises.  The group went through the anatomical adaptation exercises pertaining to providing corrective exercises.

Module 4 was conducted after dinner as all coaches returned to the GNOC conference room.  The module on sports fitness requirements and demands of the sport included discussions on energy system, such as ATP-CP, anaerobic and aerobic.  

The coaches watched a volleyball match to determine and assess movements and body mechanics of each position in a volleyball team.  From the video, coaches were grouped to discuss their findings and wrote it on a chart which was evaluated in an open forum.  From the discussions, the result was the configuration of distance covered and work to rest ratio.  The group also covered strength and power, speed and agility, conditioning and endurance, and mobility and flexibility.

RME Savua gave instructions to day three activities and assigned groups.  The groups include prep to speed, speed warm up, acceleration and deceleration, agility, and volleyball specific conditioning session.  Each group was tasked to prepare a session plan to implement during day three’s conditioning session.