Jun 16, 2024

Team Guam Beach Volleyball edge NMI in a thriller

Sunday, June 17, 2024 – Majuro, Marshall Islands

The volleyball Gods showed up a bit late but made it just intime for Team Guam to pull a thriller against the Northern Marianas in women’sbeach action.

The NMI duo got to work early dominating the first set 21-5,as Kendra Byrd and Lori Okada had no answers to the NMI’s uncanny ability tofind counter every offense and find open spots to place the ball on the court.

The second set looked no different as NMI opened up a three-pointlead early.  But the Guam duo found lightat the end of the tower as they were able to execute their plays and beganputting up points on the scoreboard. Along with a couple of miscalculations by the opposition, they rallied forevery point to even up the match with a thrilling 24-22 set win.

The NMI opened the third set dominating early as they took a5-0 lead.  After changing sides, Guam wasable to compose themselves and chipped into the lead eventually finding the weakside of their opponent which led to their match winning performance 15-11.  

The win, coupled with a dominant performance against Palauin the first contest of the day places the Guam duo as the only undefeated teamin the competition.  The duo beat Palauin straight sets 21-15, 21-15.