Jul 21, 2020

Week 4 GNOC OSEP MISO Course focused on objectives through debate sessions

Monday, July 20, 2020 - Zoom application

Miranda opened the week 4 activities with reviewing the previous week’s discussion. Thereafter, the group began with Module 5: Event and facility management. The program involved a debate on two topics. Statement 1: National Federations should partner with GNOC to jointly manage sports facilities with the Government. Statement 2: Athletes must coordinate an event to raise funds for an off-island competition”. Participants were divided into four groups with each group having to choose a leader and a scriber as well as providing their insights on their assigned task, affirmative or negative.

The participants went into the respective breakout rooms to discuss their insights and strategies. Thereafter, the debate ensued as the moderator provided logistical information. Many interesting points were provided by both sides on each topic of which differing opinions were discussed during the group session held after. President Rick Blas provided a history on both subject matters and the debate concluded with insights from Master Educators Tara Tydingco and Melanie Torre.

Miranda then discussed the assigned work on submittal of National Championship rules and regulations, Team selection criteria, team management and oversight by the Guam National Athletes Commission for the upcoming quadrennial. Thereafter, he provided an insight on the final week’s topics of the Readiness Assessment Tool (RAT) and e-OSEP curriculum.