Feb 7, 2024

Workshop encompasses safeguarding policies for NOC and NFs

The Guam National Olympic Committee hosted the Safeguarding Policy workshop at the Leo Palace Resort in Manenggon Hills, Yona at the Kanta room from February 1-3, 2024.  The workshop was attended by member National Federations including executives, athletes commission representatives and safeguarding officers.

The workshop was facilitated by GNOC Board member and Safeguarding officer Attorney Sandra Miller, Equity Commission Oceania Liaison and ONOC IT Chief Sitiveni Tawakevou, GNOC Executive Director Anita Blas, and GNOC Board member and Equity Commission Oceania member Joey Miranda III.  GNOC President and ONOC Secretary-General Ricardo Blas opened the workshop providing detailed history and background behind the workshop.  

The topics covered include the IOC’s developing a safeguarding policy and a review of the athlete’s rights and responsibilities declaration, safeguarding vs. SafeSport, comparing complaints from adults and children, the role of law enforcement and government, safeguarding focal point officers, identifying risk and mitigation, the complaints process, creating a template for the NOC and National Federations, receiving and documenting complaints, short and long term complain management, referral pathways, safeguarding in sports and the community of practice and Olympism 365.

Throughout the workshop, the participants engaged in discussions, group work, presentations, and a workday to outline their sport’s respective Safeguarding Policy draft. The NFs were provided with a 60-day draft implementation which will be followed up by the NOC.

The workshop is mandated by the International Olympic Committee under the Olympic Agenda 2020+5recommendation 5 to further strengthen safe sport and protection of clean athletes.  Funding for this workshop and program is provided by Olympic Solidarity.